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So why this post? because I messed up around 3000 data records in production and caused most of the fields to update to null or default values.

It was ugly.

Fortunately we managed to recover from the damage but why did that happen.

So consider this scenario. You have a table which contains posts and each post has a HeaderPicture stored as a blob in it. Now what happens if you are receiving an update for let’s say 12000 posts in your database and you need to do an update using Entityframework.

First idea would be to load the records…

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Have you ever noticed that sometimes there are topics which we as developers are so afraid to get involved into because we think if we do, we will fail BUT as soon as we overcome this fear we realize that the topic is much easier than we were thinking.

Couple of days ago I was wondering what should I do at home to use my time better and the only thing which came to my mind was, let’s try to do a base video call sample application then I did my research and I got insipired by a youtuber’s video…

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Well the above picture shows that there is a long way to have a good artisan command in dotnet CLI; like the one we already have in Laravel but it is totally doable 😏.

I don’t know if you have the same feeling; I developed for years in C# then with hesitation moved to Php with Laravel and after a month felt in love with it and coded for almost four years in it then switched back to C# (Don’t ask why ). Now you know the feeling. …

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Well I think if you know vuejs and vue-router you would know that the js code to manage the nested routes would be a pain when you get too much code for all of your views. So why not make it a little bit simpler.

If you know laravel, you know that laravel takes the approach as vue router to register routes. You need to register them in specific php files, files full of route information for each controller; but the difference is in how the Route instance in laravel gives you the flexibility to handle these route registrations. …

Farhad Nowzari

Fullstack developer for around 10 years. Love to code for fun at free times if something interesting comes up and always ready to share the experience.

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